Fake Stone Wall Made Simple

Fake stone walls are perfect for residential and commercial as well as for both indoor and exterior applications. There is a wide variety of fake stone wall panels and covering available to create the desired effect at the fraction of the cost of real stone as well as being super lightweight and saves on installation time. These high-density fake stone wall coverings made from molded polymer panels create an authentic and austere atmosphere wherever it is applied.

Faux Stone Panels: Ledgestone Select

Before Ledge-stone select panels the extraction of perfectly random stones required skilled professionals and heavy machinery now, anyone can get the same rugged look at a fraction of the time, cost and labor. The subtle shading and discernible textures of the Ledge-stone create the robust characteristics of traditional ledge-stones, without skilled masonry and laborious stone chiseling, available in different Grey's as well as Tan shades.

Faux Stone Panels: Stacked Collection

Regal and rustic, the Stacked fake stone wall siding reminds of the work of a master stonemason who strive to achieve the perfect fit for each individual stone. It enables builders and homeowners to create a modern twist on traditional walls with the texture plus stacked stone in Gray and Tan shades. Great for designing an elegant fireplace or water feature, retail display, or for adding a touch of sophistication to a home.

Faux Stone Panels: Stonewall Collection

Capture the traditional look of a hand-fashioned wall with the Stonewall collection, a compilation of fake stone wall panels. The collection is available in different shades of Grey and Tan's.

Faux Stone Panels: Fieldstone Collection

Experience the extraordinary beauty of the exclusive Fieldstone Collection. Here they created a unique paneling system that provides a seamless and rich fake stone wall. This easy to install paneling system in pieces of three makes the creation of elaborate stone deigns a true experience. Anyone can get their creative juices flowing with superbly realistic stone textures using faux. They can project strength of tranquil farmsteads using the Fieldstone Gray faux stone panels. Nostalgic Tan faux stone brings back carefree summers in seas of grass. Recreate the feeling of sunshine on a summer's day on a country farm when using the fieldstone faux in radiant tan colors.

Faux Stone Panels: Specialty Rock

From the sun, soaked aura of a tropical coral to the elegance of granite the collection of faux stone panels and fake stone wall gives a homeowner or builders the freedom to replicate distinctive looks on any surface. Imaginations can run wild with the fake stone wall siding in natural rock, with the great colors of Block Tan interlocked panels. The light Tan, different shades of Grey, Rock Browns and natural Browns.

Faux Stone Panels: Riverstone Collection

Awash with beauty, so natural and earthy, the River-stone collection of fake stone wall siding portrays a look of smoothness with stones sculpted by running water, receiving the earth’s natural caress. The River-stone, siding is ideal for designs infused by the outdoors and is used for creating a natural look for trade shows and retail displays. River-stone large natural stone siding for an extraordinarily natural look, enabling anyone to create the enjoyment of peaceful days next to a stream ideal for the authentic look, ideal for creating waterfalls, ponds and fountains.

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